How and Where to Use Testimonials Effectively

If you’re not featuring testimonials on your website, then you’re not giving your business its best chance. Testimonials give your website credibility, build trust with potential customers and increase conversations. But, knowing how to use testimonials on your website can be tricky.

Here are a few tips for using testimonials effectively.

Explain the Benefits: How has your product or service-enriched customers’ lives?

Highlight Key Areas: Can you save people time or money? How can you improve a customer’s life?

Focus on Your USP: Show potential clients what sets you apart from your competitors.

Prove Your Expertise: Explain why you’re needed over our target audience going it alone.

Clear Information: Use the consumer’s name, company, and position – or photograph if you can. The more in-depth the information, the more credible it comes across.

Where to Use Testimonials

It can be challenging to know the best place for your testimonials. Often web designers will dedicate a separate page entirely to testimonials, but in reality, this isn’t the most effective place – what’s enticing consumers to look there? The best place for them is quite literally everywhere.

Focus on key pages where testimonials can’t be ignored, such as:

Home Page: The first place people look at and one of the most popular on your website will be the homepage. Placing informative and positive testimonials here has the best chance of being seen by every site visitor.

Product/Service Page(s): Placing relevant testimonials on a product or service page shows users how people found their experience. This could be the extra nudge needed to encourage a visitor to take action – in the form of enquiring or purchasing.

Near Call to Actions: If you position positive testimonials close to your all-important call to action, visitors are more likely to click on it and digest the information. By having a real person backing up your claims here, the message will be more believable.

Our content team are the experts at creating memorable testimonials and happy to help deliver the right messages to your clients.